"Working with Bre has been one of my favorite projects to date, “The quickness with ideas are extreme, and creativity and formatting are wild. Working with Bre reminds me of working with YellaWolfe.”

-Leland Elliott | Scorched Earth Productions


2 Live Bre doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to music videos, he’s mastered throwing parties and just filming it. A minute into this music video you quickly realize that the Hy Def team has a cool and unique twist to their editing. If this doesn’t get you hype, I don’t know what will.

- Amber Stoneman | Nashville Unsigned Magazine

Zac and Gabby close Season 1 of Straight Outta Nashville with a paaaartyy! 2'Live Bre (Nashville's Industry Award winner for Best Hip Hop/Rap Solo Artist Male) joins them to talk about opening up for Migos and Yo Gotti, releasing a single every two weeks in 2019, and things get "Goofy" with some shots, shots, shots! 

Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 3.49.24 PM.png

Music fans from around the world are embracing Bre’s music with 85,000 listeners from 76 different countries on Spotify in the first month of releasing tracks. Boulevard Records will continue to release a series of new singles on Bre throughout the summer and fall.

- Hip Hop Canada

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